People are the most valuable asset and their time is the most valuable resource. Managing people′s attendance and timings are a basic, yet critical challenge for any organization. One cannot underestimate complexity of time-attendance due to organization structure, hierarchy and disparate operational needs. It is very challenging to capture time-attendance rules of an organization and automate them because of diversity in attendance, timing and leave policies from one location to another; from one department to another department; and from one person to another person. Matrix COSEC meets these diverse requirements by offering a superlative range of flexibility in attendance policies, configuration, integration and report generation.

Matrix COSEC hardware devices are installed at entry and exit points to capture user entries and exits of authorized people. These award-winning devices are superlative in designs, versatile in functions and robust in performance. They support palm-vein, fingerprint and RF card recognition as credentials. Depending on the application, there are four series of devices to choose from. Matrix COSEC CENTRA time-attendance software consists of database server, platform server, application server, web server and mobile applications. Matrix COSEC CENTRA time-attendance includes all the software functions starting from device drivers, database management, business logic, user interfaces, notifications and reports. Further, it offers APIs for 3rd party integration at every level.

Time-Attendance (TAM)

Key Features

Late-In/Early-Out Policy

Matrix COSEC monitors late-In entry and early-out exit of employees based on their shift timings. HR can create and assign these policies to each employee separately or a group of employees. Appropriate actions like leave deductions and official/personal markings are taken based on late-in and early-out entries of an employee.

Overtime Policy and Authorization

Overtime Policy is a complex process and varies from organization to organization. Matrix COSEC CENTRA Time-Attendance allows calculating overtime on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and provides options for rounding the values. Reporting officer has right to authorize the overtime and eliminate un-qualified salary payments.

Compensatory Off (C-OFF) Policy and Authorization

Many organizations offer compensatory off (extra leave) for extra work the employees do to motivate them. With C-OFF policy, HR can convert overtime hours to compensatory off hours and offer additional leave or encashment options. Reporting officer has right to authorize C-OFF hours.

Absenteeism Policy

HR can define whether weekly off or holiday is allowed on single side or both sides of the employee’s leave period. HR can also define the number of days after which an absent user should be blocked.

Shifts and Schedules

Shifts and work schedules are complex in nature and vary from organization to organization. It is very tedious and time consuming for managers to plan workforce effectively and efficiently using manual methods. COSEC CENTRA Time-Attendance allows creating multiple shifts and shift schedules with break time, grace time, off-day, repeat days, etc. to manage workforce of any organization.

Holidays and Restricted Holidays

Organizations operating across multiple countries need to offer holidays to their employees according to local holidays. COSEC CENTRA Time-Attendance allows creating 30 holiday schedule groups with 32 holidays in each group. An employee can be assigned any of these groups. HR can also define a range of holidays with start and end dates which is very useful for schools and colleges where serial holidays or vacation are used along with individual holidays.

COSEC also has provision to define restricted holidays list. Employees can enjoy a predefined number of holidays from this list without any leave deduction. It is useful especially for the employees who are coming from different regions and don’t want to miss their festivals.

Attendance Summary

Attendance summary comprises essential fields for the salary calculations. It summarizes various employee data like attendance, leaves, weekly off and holidays on a single page. Furthermore, organization-wise, department-wise and user defined period-wise attendance summary can be generated.


Matrix COSEC can send SMS and email notifications to employees and their reporting managers for various events including user entry/exit, leave application, approval/rejection, monthly attendance, missing in/out punch, etc. Instant SMS and email notifications for attendance help employees and their reporting managers in taking necessary actions on these events and resolve attendance related issues immediately.

Custom Alerts Utility

COSEC administrator can send customized SMS and email messages to announce gatherings, meetings, latest news, changed rules, working on holidays, etc. to a group of users quickly.

Leave Types

Organizations differ from one another in their structure and policies and follow their own leave policies with customized parameters. COSEC leave management offers flexible options to create various leave types with parameters such as balance check enable/disable, paid/unpaid leave, lay off, accumulation, minimum and maximum leaves availed at a time, etc.

Leave Approval

Using COSEC ESS or mobile application, employees can login into COSEC CENTRA Time-Attendance and apply for leave, tour and C-OFF. These applications go to their reporting officers for approval and show on their dashboards. If the reporting officers do not respond in a specified time limit, these applications are forwarded to HR for approval. Reporting officer or HR can approve employee’s leave, tour and COFF applications just by clicking on the link on his dashboard.

COSEC can also send leave application to the reporting officer in the form of an email. The reporting officer can approve or disapprove just by clicking on the link in the email without even logging into the COSEC CENTRA.

Leave Balance

COSEC facilitates HR to view employee’s leave detail in a single window. He can see a complete history starting from opening balance, credited leaves, debited leaves and closing balance for any month.

Leave Accumulation Rules

HR can define the maximum number of leaves that an employee can accumulate in a year. When the number of leaves exceeds this limit, additional leaves will lapse as per the policy.

Auto Leave Credit

Auto Leave Credit function automatically credits leaves in employees’ accounts every month on a scheduled date-time. HR can either decide fix leaves or define formula for COSEC to use while crediting leaves in employees’ account. This frees up HR teams from this mechanical and mundane work for more value-added HRD activities.

Reports and Charts

Informative reports and charts are the final outcome from any time-attendance solution for salary calculation, employee movement monitoring and other such interpretation and decision making. Matrix COSEC CENTRA Time-Attendance allows creating 150+ various time-attendance and leave related reports and colorful charts using various filters and formats. HR can generate customized reports for a particular organization, department, for selected users and period. These reports can be easily exported to various file formats including PDF, Excel, Word, RTF, CSC and TXT.

Integration with ERP/HRM/Payroll/Tally

Integration of COSEC CENTRA Time-Attendance with third party applications can save a lot of time and money for any organization. COSEC offers multiple methods for such integrations including database to database, API and customized export templates. Matrix COSEC can integrate easily with ERP, payroll, HRM, Active Directory, Tally and many other applications. With export data generation utility, admin can create customized templates which can be exported in different formats including CSV, Text, Excel and XML.


Technical Specifications

Credentials DOOR FOT
Card, Fingerprint and PIN
Fingerprint Module Optical
Fingerprint Templates 9600
128 x 64 Dot Matrix LCD Yes
16 Touch Sense Keys Yes
Communication Ethernet
Events Buffer 50,000
Communication Speed 10/100Mbps
Buzzer Yes
Indications 4 LEDs ( Status,Alarm, Allowed and Denied)
Memory 512KB Internal Flash
128KB RAM and 1 MB External Flash
Input Power 12V DC @ 2A
Dimensions (WхHхD) 100x220x55mm (3.9”x8.7”x2.2”)
Weight 00.46 Kg
1.07 Lbs
Environment 0° C to +50°C (32°F to 122°F), 5% to 95% RH Non-Condensing



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