The All-in-One Embedded IP-PBX Server



SAPEX is a pure IP-PBX based on open standard SIP to establish calls over internet instead of traditional telephony networks. This result into significant cost savings and flexibility to communicate from anywhere using any SIP enabled devices such as IP phone, PC softphone, Mobile phone or PDA.
SAPEX is available in two variants – SAPEX SDM and DDM for up to 200 and 500 IP users with access to 10 SIP trunks.

SAPEX Connectivity


Key Features

Open Standard SIP support
SAPEX uses SIP signalling protocol to establish calls over the IP network. This makes SAPEX interoperable with any SIP enabled device such as SIP phones, Softphones, Mobiles with SIP support, VoIP ATAs and PSTN gateways. Standard-based SIP platform helps overcoming compatibility bottlenecks and single vendor dependence.

Multi-site Connectivity
Integrated registrar server maintains and authenticates IP users located anywhere with unique user name and authentication password. An organization with SAPEX at central location can connect multiple branch offices over Internet.

SIP Trunking
Up to 10 internet telephony service provider (ITSP) accounts can be registered for making low cost calls to different regions. Using multiple SIP accounts remotely located offices or customer service centres can avail local area numbers to indicate regional presence and cut costs.

Flexible Phone Options
Any SIP enabled device such as desktop IP phone, a softphone installed in PC/Laptop and a mobile phone or PDA with SIP support can register to SAPEX as an IP extension.

Presence Indication and Instant Messaging
The integrated presence server maintains and distributes the user’s availability to participate in conversation such as Available, Busy, Away, On the Phone and Offline on SIP softphones. Before making a call, caller can identify the person’s availability and best way to reach called person such as a call or text messaging.

Built-in Voice Mail System
SAPEX has a built-in voice mail system providing advance features such as personalized greetings, customizable mailboxes for individual users, email notification of voice mail, conversation recording and a lot more. With default storage of 4GB (expandable up to 32 GB), SAPEX can record conversations for up to 72 hours (expandable up to 576 hours).

Web-based Management
With built-in web server functionality, it is possible to configure SAPEX IP-PBX from any location. This in turn saves precious time and cost of providing essential technical support.

RADIUS Support
SAPEX enhances the system security and integrity by providing a secure login and authentication process. Built-in RADIUS client allows connection with RADIUS server to manage authentication, authorization and accounting of local or remotely located IP users.

Video Calling
SAPEX supports video calling between two video capable user terminals such as Video IP Phone or IP softphone. SAPEX acts as a relay unit to place video calls with no supplementary features.

Peer-to-Peer Calling
SAPEX supports free calling over internet without going through a proxy server. A table with 500 entries can be defined with easy to remember and simple to dial short numeric codes.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Indication
Using BLF keys on IP phone, user working from any location can identify the status of other users’ extension such as busy, idle or ringing.

Call Forking
SAPEX can allocate authentication details such as user name and password of a single user to multiple devices. In event of an incoming call, SAPEX rings maximum three devices at once. User can flexibly attend the call from any convenient device from any location.

Built-in auto-attendant of SAPEX IP-PBX delivers customized greetings and welcome messages as per day/night/lunch hours. SAPEX routes calls to specific local or remote extensions as per time of the day. Caller can listen to company information when put on hold or provide them with an option to leave a message in non-availability.

Unified Messaging (Voice Mail to Email Notification)
Email notification of voice mail is a very useful feature for frequent travellers who equally spend time in office and field activities. In this scenario, SAPEX notifies a user about voice mail left by a caller via email alert. The email alert can be sent by attaching voice mail file for immediate action.


The IP users of SAPEX can be located anywhere across the world. A distributed office with few employees in head office, at customer location and at home can make and receive calls, transfer calls, initiate conference calls, listen and drop voice mails for each other.

SAPEX helps users to identify the status of other users by sharing presence indication on Softphone. Users can set/share status such as available, busy, away, on the phone and offline from Softphone. This reduces false attempts and creates non-interfering communication environment. Instant Messaging on Softphone allows sending and receiving text messages, providing flexibility in working style and alternative mode of communication.


VoIP Users SAPEX SDM: 200 Users
SAPEX DDM: 500 Users
VoIP Trunks 10 SIP Trunks
WAN Port 1 (10/100 BaseT)
LAN Port 1 (10/100 BaseT)
VoIP Protocols SIPv2, SIP over TCP, Symmetric RTP, RTCP, 100rel/PRACK
Voice CODEC G.711 A/µ Law, G.729AB, G.723.1, GSM-FR, GSM-EFR, iLBC-20, iLBC-30
Call Progress Tones Dial Tone, Ring Back Tone, Busy Tone, Error Tone
Fax Support Fax over IP using T.38 and Pass-Through
Power Supply 5VDC, 2A via External Adaptor
Dimensions 230 x 55 x 163 mm (9.06” x 2.17” x 6.42”)
Unit Weight 520 gm (1.14 lbs)
Shipping Weight 1360 gm (2.99  lbs)
Installation Wall Mount, Table-Top
Operating Temperature -10° C to +50° C (14° F to +122° F)
Storage Temperature -40° C to +85° C (-40° F to +185° F)
Operating Humidity 5-95% RH (Non-Condensing)
Storage Humidity 0-95% RH (Non-Condensing)



Compliance and Certificate